Meet the Press – October 2, 2022


This Sunday:




Disaster zone.


Some of the damage was, you know, almost indescribable.


Hurricane Ian’s punishing path across Florida leaves a staggering scale of destruction. Entire neighborhoods, wiped out.


It’s not just a crisis for Florida, this is an American crisis.


Now the race to recover begins. But how should homeowners rebuild in the face of more extreme weather? And who should foot the bill? I’ll talk to Florida’s Republican Senator Rick Scott and North Carolina’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper. Plus, Putin’s land grab.


Russian President Vladimir Putin announces the annexation of four regions of Ukraine, escalating the conflict and drawing widespread condemnation from around the world.


America is fully prepare — prepared with our NATO allies to defend every single inch of NATO territory.


Ukraine responds by asking to join NATO. So, how real is the nuclear threat from Russia?

I’ll talk to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. And: split issues. The two parties are divided when it comes to the major issues to focus on before Election Day.


Inflation, crime and open borders.


While Democrats take a different path, centering on abortion.


A cold, heartless, violent approach to women’s health.


Plus: new numbers from the NBC News/Telemundo poll. How decisive will Latinos be in deciding which party controls Congress? Joining me for insight and analysis are: Telemundo news anchor Julio Vaqueiro, USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, Symone Sanders-Townsend, former chief spokeswoman for Vice President Kamala Harris, and Stephen Hayes, editor of The Dispatch. Welcome to Sunday. It’s Meet the Press.


From NBC News in Washington, the longest-running show in television history. This is Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.


Good Sunday morning. For many, it’s been a tough week. With 37 days until the midterm elections, it is a tale of two campaigns right now. For Republicans, the midterm campaign that they are trying to run is about inflation, immigration and crime. For Democrats, the campaign they are trying to run is about access to abortion and the growing extremism of the Republican Party represented by a singular figure in Donald Trump. But with both parties so sure what they want the midterms to be about, it’s worth keeping in mind Tom Brokaw’s favorite reminder to many of us during campaign seasons’ past: “Watch for UFOs.” In this case it’s, “the unforeseen will occur. It’s a guarantee,” he says. Well, this week the unforeseen was represented by two major events. In Russia, Vladimir Putin announced the illegal annexation of 15% of Ukraine after a series of Russian setbacks on the battlefield. Putin’s war is already threatening to drive Europe into recession with soaring energy costs. And this week a massive explosion created four separate leaks in that critical natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany. President Biden accused Russia of “a deliberate act of sabotage.” Then there’s Hurricane Ian. This is one of the five worst hurricanes in America’s recorded history. Ian is also one of the costliest storms ever to hit the United States. Early estimates suggest it could cost up to $47 billion dollars just in insured losses alone. And as more extreme weather events hit the United States, there are some big questions about who should pay to rebuild and, more importantly, where we should be rebuilding. NBC’s Blayne Alexander is in hard-hit Fort Myers for us this morning, and, Blayne, I know the destruction is awful. The question is, are we going to find more people safe and alive?


Unfortunately, that is the case. They are still searching this morning,Chuck, and you know it’s scenes like these that really tell the story of Ian’s wrath. This entire area where I am standing was once a marina. It was full of boats and shops. Now all of that is gone. And when you widen out and you take a bigger look at this entire area, unfortunately you just see more of the same. Now where I am standing right now is truly one of the hardest hit areas. But Chuck, what’s even more devastating is the human toll. At least 77 people have lost their lives due to Ian. And unfortunately that number is only expected to rise. Right now, crews are still sifting through the rumble. They are trying to see if there are any lives that can still be saved, and they are uncovering those who unfortunately did not make it. This morning, there are a number of people who are still unaccounted for and, Chuck, making things more complicated there are at least two islands that are completely cut off from the mainland. The road was destroyed in the storm, so they are using boats to bring people back and forth. You know, I talked with countless people and they tell me the reason they stayed is that…

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