Passenger slammed for appalling ‘health hazard’ on airplane

Traveling is fraught with annoying moments but one woman may have been dealt the hairiest issue of them all.

Frequent traveler Julie Christensen posted a now-viral clip to TikTok showing a highly inconsiderate passenger sitting in front of her. The unseen passenger has her long hair completely draped over the back of the seat, and even covered parts of her tray.

The seven-second-clip — which has been viewed over 2.4 million times — is taken by Christensen from her seat, giving a full view of the scene unfolding in front of her.

Christensen can be seen reaching for a paper cup, with most of the seat in front of her covered in dark brown hair, which narrowly misses the cup she picks up and takes a sip from.

“The joy of traveling,” she captioned the clip, writing “I wish this was staged” on the video.

The passengers hair was all over the back of her seat, spilling onto her tray.
The passenger’s hair was all over the back of her seat, spilling onto her tray.
The stranger's hair was dangerously close to the TikToker's drink.
The stranger’s hair was dangerously close to the TikToker’s drink.

Thousands of horrified users commented on the video, in disbelief over the inconsiderate act.

“People just forget how to act the second they step foot into an airport,” one disgusted user wrote, with another agreeing, writing, “some people have no consideration.”

“That’s a health hazard,” stated another.

Some had some sassy ideas of how to retaliate.

“Just put the tray back up,” one user suggested.

“Scissors honey, or chewing gum/superglue. Oh the pleasure I would get,” another wrote.

People often air their in-flight grievances on social media. Earlier this year, a woman sparked a fierce debate after showing the feet of the person sitting behind her, which were poking out from underneath her seat, saying it was “irritating.”

However, others pointed out that if the person was tall, they might have no option.

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